Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012: The year to "get control" of your social footprint

I spent some time on the road the past few weeks (which was clearly obviously to those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Path) and whenever I’m traveling I’m struck by the number of opportunities that arise to share content on social platforms and talk about my experiences.   That also gets me thinking as I look at the list above… how is it that I’m able to keep up with all of these platforms and still have a life.  One of the folks that I met with this week also challenged me to explain to them how it is that I seem to have a handle on the latest and greatest in my business (which happens to be technology and how it applies to advertising) and that got me thinking about how I actually do it.  Since I’ve been traveling a bit the past couple of weeks I figured I’d spend a few minutes thinking about that.. .and voila… the result is this blog posting. 

So a couple of caveats before I start.  First, I’m a little into this… ok maybe more than a little.  That said, anyone reading this has passions that they like to spend time thinking, talking about… it just so happens that I get paid to pursue mine.  I’d also argue that virtually every SMB owner in this country feels that same way… or they wouldn’t do what they do because running a business of any kind (be it small or large) requires much more than the usual 9 to 5 grind.  What I’ve outlined below is some specific tools and strategies that I use to make sure that when I end the day, I’ve done all I can to interact with the folks around me.  This approach is certainly not for everyone, and I’d encourage all of you give me your thoughts and feedback on what works, what doesn’t and methods that you use to take advantage of these increasingly powerful marketing platforms.

So where to begin.  For those of you who aren’t actively using Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ it’s finally time to make the plunge.  I’ve been amazed as I’ve traveled around in recent years the sheer number of folks that have grown increasingly active on Facebook and as the user numbers on that platform have grown, so too has marketers interest in effectively using that platform and others to engage with consumers.  So the bad news first… this requires some effort!  The good news…. There are an enormous number of resources online that can help you take full advantage of these platforms and apply them to your business.

The pathway to success on any of these platforms however is simple.  Start using them!  While there are several new books that have been published recently specific to using Google+ (@ChrisBrogan’s excellent book is linked in below and @GuyKawasaki will be publishing a new book in early March), but the best way to get the most of these platforms is to use them…. And use them often.  In the coming days, we’ll be providing some specific strategies and tools to help you “take control of social” in 2012!

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